Nominations and Elections for ASHA's Board of Directors

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Each year, the Committee on Nominations and Elections (CNE) seeks nominations and conducts elections for positions on the Board of Directors. Elections are conducted electronically in the summer each year.

The approval of Bylaws resolution BOD 9–2020 changed ASHA’s elections process to a hybrid election effective with the 2021 election cycle. A hybrid election is a combination of both (a) uncontested elections (sole candidate per position), with members having one vote to approve or not approve the slate of candidates, and (b) contested positions, with each position having up to three candidates and with members electing one candidate for each office.

Nominations and Elections Process

ASHA members may nominate candidates for all BOD positions. The office of the President-Elect and all Vice President positions are uncontested elections, and two new Board Member at Large positions (one for Audiology and one for Speech-Language Pathology) are contested elections, with up to three candidates on the slate per position.


View Flowchart of the Nominations and Elections Process [PDF]

2023 Nominations and Elections Information and Schedule

General Information

  • Nominations and elections will be conducted electronically (no paper ballots).
  • To participate in the elections, you must have an email address on file. To add or update your email address, go to the online Membership Directory.
  • If you have forgotten your membership number or experience problems with the nominations/elections site, send an email to


The call for nominations for ASHA’s Board of Directors is open January 11 through February 8, 2023, at 3:00 p.m., ET. Terms of office for these positions are January 1, 2024 through December 21, 2026. Please refer to the Board of Directors election cycle for a list of positions up for election.

All nominees who are selected as finalists for president-elect and open vice president positions should be available to participate in a 30-minute virtual interview on March 25 or March 26.


  • The 2023 elections will open June 21, 2023 and close July 19, 2023.
  • The CNE will submit a slate of BOD candidates to the membership for all positions, which will open a 1-month comment period for feedback.
  • Members of the CNE will review comments and feedback on the slate. If necessary, the CNE will consider making appropriate changes.
  • An electronic election ballot will be provided to members upon conclusion of the comment period to either approve or not approve the entire uncontested slate. Members will also be provided a ballot to vote for open contested positions.
  • Audiology members may vote for audiology positions on the Board of Directors.
  • Speech-language pathology members may vote for speech positions on the Board of Directors.
  • Dually certified members may vote for positions in both professions.
  • Members not from the professions may vote for non-profession-specific positions on the Board of Directors.
  • Visit the ASHA website to review ASHA’s Election Practices.

All candidates elected to office should be available to attend the BOD Orientation, BOD Retreat and BOD Meeting October 18–22, 2023 at the national office.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the single governing body of the Association. The Board of Directors actively promotes the objectives of the Association, operating in accordance with and administering and implementing the programs and policies established by the Board of Directors and those in the Bylaws.

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