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ASHA Journals

The ASHA Leader

Our award-winning newsmagazine contains news and in-depth features on issues of importance to ASHA members.

ASHA Leader Live

Keep up with latest opinion and information related to audiology and speech-language pathology. Also listen to our ASHA Voices podcast series.

SIG Perspectives

Perspectives is the online, scholarly review journal of the ASHA Special Interest Groups.

CRED Library

Part of the ASHA Journals Academy, the CREd Library connects emerging scientists with multimedia resources on topics critical to clinical practice research in communications sciences and related disorders.

ASHA Journals Academy
The ASHA Journals Academy is a comprehensive resource for authors, editors, and reviewers of the ASHA journals.

Figshare Data Portal
Supplementary research outputs from the ASHA journals are available at the ASHA Figshare Data Portal.

ASHA Author Services Portal
The ASHA Author Services Portal, powered by Editage, provides language, editing, and multimedia services to authors and researchers.

NSSLHA Publications

The National NSSLHA Blog posts weekly about opinions and issues related to CSD students and NSSLHA members.

NSSLHA Updates is an e-newsletter for National NSSLHA members. Stay updated with everything happening at National NSSLHA and local chapters, as well as with fellow NSSLHA members by joining today!

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