ASHA Assistants Program

The Assistants Certification Program gives audiology assistants and speech-language pathology assistants (SLPA) the opportunity to become certified practitioners. ASHA certification validates and provides assurance that because of their training and continuous professional development, certificate holders are able to practice at the top of their license.

Did you know? Support personnel licensure varies from state to state. Find out about your state’s licensing requirements.

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Assistant Spotlight

Rhonda Tormaschy

Meet Rhonda Tormaschy, C-SLPA, from Dickinson, North Dakota who received her training from Williston College. In 2013 Rhonda was the first SLPA in her school district, and recently became the first ASHA Certified SLPA in North Dakota!  She began her career as a paraprofessional then found her calling to help students communicate with self-confidence. A great piece of advice that Rhonda has for others starting out is to “explore your options, because your patients, clients, and students deserve 100% from you when you are working with them,” which Rhonda can attest to. She first worked with middle school children but found her passion working with children ages 3 to 5, but what is special to know is that those middle schoolers from so many years ago remember Rhonda and thank her for the impact she made on their lives all while showing off photos of their own children. That is a legacy we all should strive for. Thank you for all you do, Rhonda!

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