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This position statement is an official policy of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA). This position statement was developed by the ASHA Working Group on Auditory Integration Training. Members of the Working Group were Anne Marie Tharpe (chair), Candace Bourland-Hicks, Judy Gravel, Jane Madell, Maurice H. Miller (coordinating committee member), and Gail Linn (ex officio). Richard Nodar and Susan J. Brannen, ASHA vice presidents for professional practices, served as monitoring vice presidents. The Legislative Council approved the document as official policy of the Association at its March 2003 meeting.

In 1994, the American Speech-Hearing-Language Association (ASHA) Subcommittee on Auditory Integration Training (AIT) concluded that AIT, a method proposed for treating a variety of auditory and nonauditory disorders, was experimental in nature and had not yet met scientific standards as a mainstream treatment. The subcommittee recommended that ASHA develop a position statement and guidelines regarding AIT as soon as more research findings became available. The 2002 ASHA Work Group on AIT, after reviewing empirical research in the area to date, concludes that AIT has not met scientific standards for efficacy that would justify its practice by audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

However, well-designed, institutionally approved, research protocols designed to assess the efficacy of AIT are encouraged. It is recommended that this position be reexamined should scientific, controlled studies supporting AIT's effectiveness and safety become available.

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