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SIG 1, Language Learning and Education

Family and Caregiver Characteristics Contribute to Caregiver Change in Use of Strategies and Growth in Child Spoken Language in a Parent-Implemented Language Intervention in Fragile X Syndrome
Sarah Nelson Potter, Lauren Bullard, Amy Banasik, Robyn Tempero Feigles, Vivian Nguyen, Andrea McDuffie, Angela John Thurman, Randi Hagerman and Leonard Abbeduto

SIG 2, Neurogenic Communication Disorders

A Framework for Integrating Speech-Language Pathology in an Interdisciplinary Awake Craniotomy Program for Brain Tumor Resection
Katherine Connelly, Lauren Gurd, Kyle R. Noll, Sujit Prabhu, Vinodh A. Kumar and Katherine A. Hutcheson

SIG 3, Voice and Upper Airway Disorders

Getting Up to Speed: A Framework for Experienced Speech-Language Pathologists to Develop Voice and Upper Airway Competencies
Sarah L. Schneider

SIG 4, Fluency and Fluency Disorders

An Adolescent Confronted With Cluttering: The Story of Johan
Yvonne van Zaalen and Dario Strangis

SIG 5, Craniofacial and Velopharyngeal Disorders

Palate Re-Repair for Velopharyngeal Insufficiency Treatment: A Long-Term Auditory-Perceptual Assessment of Speech
Bruna Mara Adorno Marmontel Araújo, Andressa Sharllene Carneiro da Silva, Carlos Eduardo Bertier, Telma Vidotto de Sousa Brosco, Renata Paciello Yamashita, Ana Claudia Martins Sampaio-Teixeira and Inge Elly Kiemle Trindade

SIG 6, Hearing and Balance Sciences: Research and Clinical Applications

COVID-19, Face Masks, and Social Interaction: How a Global Pandemic Is Shining a Light on the Importance of Face-to-Face Communication
Tina M. Grieco-Calub

SIG 7, Auditory Rehabilitation

The Rise of Social Media and Digital Content in Auditory Rehabilitation: Quantifying the Reach and Effectiveness of New Distribution Channels
Nicholas Kroll, Rebecca Claridge and Natalie Teakle

SIG 8, Public Health Audiology

Coupling Hearing Health With Community-Based Group Therapy for Cognitive Health in Low-Income African American Elders
Whitney Anne Postman, Maureen Fischer, Kellie Dalton, Kailin Leisure, Samantha Thompson, Laura Sankey and Hailey Watkins

SIG 9, Pediatric Hearing and Hearing Disorders

Listening and Spoken Language Specialist Auditory–Verbal Certification: Self-Perceived Benefits and Barriers to Inform Change
Maria Emilia de Melo, Uma Soman, Jenna Voss, Maria Fernanda Hinojosa Valencia, Dorie Noll, Frances Clark, Gayla Hutsell Guignard and Ulrika Löfkvist

SIG 10, Issues in Higher Education

E-Learning Fatigue and the Cognitive, Educational, and Emotional Impacts on Communication Sciences and Disorders Students During COVID-19
Hope C. Reed

SIG 11, Administration and Supervision

Impact of Clinical Education of Student Clinicians on Speech-Language Pathologists' Productivity in Medical Settings
Jennifer St. Clair, Karen J. Mainess, Paige Shaughnessy and Benjamin Becerra

SIG 12, Augmentative and Alternative Communication

Augmentative and Alternative Communication Disaster Preparedness: Roles, Responsibilities, and Opportunities for Speech-Language Pathologists and Other Professionals
Miriam C. Boesch, Elizabeth Begley, Sarah Blackstone and Tina Caswell

SIG 13, Swallowing and Swallowing Disorders (Dysphagia)

Speech-Language Pathology's Role in Management of Orofacial Contractures After a Facial Burn
Lori Ann Arguello and Kathleen M. Kerr

SIG 14, Cultural and Linguistic Diversity

Perspectives Relating to Multicultural Training With Speech-Language Pathologists
Evy J. Hayes, L. Amanda Mathews and Steven J. Cloud

SIG 15, Gerontology

The Impact of COVID-19 on Clinical Practice in Medically Based Settings: Speech-Language Pathologists' Perspectives
Amanda Stead, Monica Vinson, Paul Michael and Dane Frank

SIG 16, School-Based Issues

Vocabulary Outcomes With Third Graders in a Teacher and Speech-Language Pathologist Collaboration
Mary P. Mitchell, Barbara J. Ehren and Jacqueline A. Towson

SIG 17, Global Issues in Communication Sciences and Related Disorders

The Global Rate of Post-Stroke Aphasia
Ayanna Frederick, Molly Jacobs, Candice J. Adams-Mitchell and Charles Ellis

SIG 18, Telepractice

Telehealth Across the Therapies: Examining the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic on Clinical Staff Working With Low Socioeconomic Status Populations
William Bolden III

SIG 19, Speech Science

Expanding the Clinical Toolset: Acoustic Analyses for Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists in the 21st Century
Ferenc Bunta and Mária Gósy

SIG 20, Counseling

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