ASHA Affiliation and Membership

ASHA Affiliation

Want to apply to be a certified assistant?

ASHA's New Assistant Package offers up to two years of ASHA affiliation for the price of one!

First determine the best time to apply—your initial application fee covers the remaining months of the current calendar year PLUS the following year. That’s up to two years of affiliation with ASHA for the price of one.

For example, if you apply in January, your application fee will cover 24 months of affiliation.

If you apply in September, your application fee will cover 16 months of affiliation.

Benefits of ASHA affiliation include access to ASHAWire, The ASHA Leader, the ASHA Assistants Mentoring Program, ASHA Assistants Community page and money saving benefits.

We’ll automatically apply the New Assistant Package when you submit your ASHA Assistants certification application.

Learn more about how to apply for the C-AA or C-SLPA.


ASHA Membership

Are you currently certified and have completed graduate school?

The Assistants Certification to ASHA Membership Conversion Discount

For those who enter graduate school after being certified by ASHA (C-SLPA or C-AA) ASHA offers a discount on your CCC application. To qualify for this discount, you must maintain two full years of ASHA affiliation, including the year of graduation. This one-time discount is $225 off the initial dues and fees for ASHA membership and certification.

The application for ASHA membership and certification must be submitted online before August 31 (up to the year after you graduate).

Certified Assistants have the option of maintaining their ASHA Certification during graduate school OR resigning their C-SLPA or C-AA and joining NSSLHA as a national student member.

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