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Share your passion and introduce students to careers in audiology and speech-language pathology

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Promote the professions.

Love being an audiologist and/or a speech-language pathologist (SLP)? Share your passion, and introduce students to the communication sciences and disorders (CSD) professions with tools from ASHA.

A Rewarding Career for You. A Better Life for Others. The Career ToolKit includes our newest resource, a 29-slide PowerPoint presentation that you can customize to highlight each profession, the benefits of a CSD career, or why representation is important. Use the videos included in the PowerPoint presentation to tell the stories of what students wish they knew while they were in high school, what Amara looks forward to when she becomes an audiologist, or why Luke chose speech-language pathology as his career. Pair the PowerPoint with the Student Guide, brochures, posters, and the Representation Matters website to help tell your story about the rewards of a CSD career as an audiologist, SLP, or speech, language, and hearing scientist.

Order the Student Guide as well as the brochure series that targets careers in academia, health care, and the schools—or download the brochures here:

You can use the full toolkit—including the PowerPoint presentation, brochures, and posters—for your presentations at career fairs, schools, health fairs, university open houses, private practice offices, career resource centers, places of worship, Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts meetings, or anywhere else that young people gather for information. These engaging materials will help you share the feeling of personal satisfaction with your career choice and recruit bright, enthusiastic people into our professions— especially those who are male, bilingual, have a diverse background, are strong academically, and want to make a difference in the lives of others.

There is an increasing need for a more culturally competent workforce [PDF] to respond to the changing needs of patients, clients, and students. During the next decade, job growth for the CSD professions is expected to be faster than the average for other occupations, and we need you to help us identify qualified students to meet this expected demand.

You are in the perfect position to help students understand how fulfilling a career as an audiologist or SLP can be. Make a difference: Be the one who sets them on that path! Order today.

Diversity Recruitment Brochures

Diversity recruitment brochures targeted to underrepresented students who are African American, Asian Indian, Asian Pacific Islander, Hispanic, and Native American. Help us show potential students the value of a CSD career. Please select one of the images below to view a PDF of the brochure.

Diversity Brochure African American
Diversity Brochure Asian Indian
Diversity Brochure Asian Pacific Islander
Diversity Brochure Hispanic
Diversity Brochure Native American

Add these brochures when you order A Rewarding Career for You. A Better Life for Others. materials. Visit Representation Matters to learn more about diversity in CSD.

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