ASHA's Mentoring Programs

Unlock your potential by enrolling in one of ASHA’s Mentoring Programs! Whether you’re a potential mentee looking to set and achieve your goals or a potential mentor seeking to grow your leadership skills, help others, and learn more about yourself—our mentoring programs are here for you.


Assist mentoring program

Assistants Mentoring Program

Audiology assistants pair with audiologists, and SLPAs pair with SLPs to plan and achieve their professional goals together. Develop your leadership skills and discover more about your role in the supervisory relationship during this is a year-long, self-matched online program.


AMP-S mentoring program

Audiology Mentor Program for Students

Doctor of Audiology (AuD) students pair with practicing clinical audiologists who provide feedback and support students on their journey to becoming practicing professionals. AMP-S is an online, 12-month program where mentees and mentors self-match based on shared mentoring and clinical interests.


CTMP mentoring program

Career Transitions Mentorship Program

Experienced SLPs who are transitioning to a new job or expanding on an area of practice are self-matched with SLP mentors who are proficient in their setting. This is a 6-month, online program where the focus is on helping the mentee successfully transition to their new professional setting and skills.


LDP mentoring program

Leadership Development Program

ASHA members interested in developing their leadership skills and becoming more involved in volunteering are matched with seasoned volunteer mentors. This program is hosted virtually over a 6-month period and is mentee-driven.

MARC mentoring program

Mentoring Academic–Research Careers

PhD students, postdocs, and early-career faculty participate in individualized mentoring from experienced faculty on academic-research career development topics. This is an online, nine-month program where mentees and mentors self-match based on shared mentoring and academic interests.

STEP mentoring program

Student to Empowered Professional Mentoring Program

S.T.E.P. connects self-motivated undergraduate and graduate students with experienced audiologists and SLPs in meaningful, one-to-one virtual mentoring relationships. This program empowers CSD students from underrepresented racial/ethnic populations.


Looking for Research Mentoring?

ASHA’s Academic & Research Mentoring (ARM) Network offers 11 unique awards and programs for individuals considering, launching, and advancing academic/research careers. These programs connect students, postdocs, and junior faculty with experienced faculty and researchers. In some programs, ASHA will identify and recruit mentors, while for other programs mentees will identify their own mentor and apply together. Programs vary in their format from mentored activities at Convention or at your own institution to conferences that include mentoring as a component.

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